Bitcoin is revolutionary new technology, decentralizing the transfer of value, amongst many other things. Bypassing the traditional banking and money transfer mechanisms, bitcoin lets user transfer money, nearly instantaneously, in a safe, digital, peer to peer manner, without a third party in the middle. Bitcoin is often referred to as the internet of money, and many believe it will revolutionize money in the same way that the internet revolutionized communications.

The thirsty Camel was one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin in the mid Vancouver Island region, and we are the hosts for the first Bitcoin ATM on Vancouver Island (north of Victoria). We have a Cryptopick Canada one way ATM in the restaurant, that allows you to purchase Bitcoin with Canadian cash, the minimum purchase is $5.

We welcome you to pay for your food or for anything else we sell with Bitcoin. In fact we will give you a 5% discount on any purchases paid for with Bitcoin.